Guthrie Grove
Church Of God of the Abrahamic Faith

Our Vision

The VISION of Guthrie Grove Church of God is to be a growing community passionately modeling the life of Christ through significant relationships with seekers as well as believers. To identify, train, and support believers as leaders who carry the ministry of the local church into the world. To demonstrate God’s love, creativity, and power as we provide an atmosphere to encounter God in worship and encouragement.


What We Do

The MISSION of Guthrie Grove Church of God is to advance the Kingdom of God through public worship, the preaching of the Gospel, the administration of the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, consistent Christian living by its members, personal evangelism, missionary endeavor, Christian education, Christian stewardship, and Christian mutual concerns in the context of our distinctive Biblical message.


Meet Our Staff

Elders: Dan Durham & Joe James 

Deacons: Joseph Partain, Bob Alcumbrack, Gary Smith, George Jordan, Johnathan York, Junior Farr, & Bobby Partain 

Trustees: Thompson Smith, Berry Durham, & Jared Partain

Sunday School Superintendent: Sherry Alcumbrack, Assistant: Jamie Partain

Youth Director: Rebecca Dauksas, Assistant: Luke Elwell

Youth Workers: John Winner, Morgann Alcumbrack, Joseph Partain, Bob Alcumbrack, Kass Sipka, Evan Grant,  &  Tammy Barkley

Find your Faith

We are dedicated to deepening our faith in God and his son Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. Join us in your journey of faith as we pursue a stronger relationship with God together.