Guthrie Grove
Church Of God of the Abrahamic Faith


Find Your Place!

There are many activities and events that give everyone an opportunity to be involved in service, worship, and discipleship.

There are so many opportunities to get involved and contribute using your gifts and interests.

Our Youth Ministry

Our Youth Ministry exists to reach youth, encourage them to build a relationship with God and Christ, help them grow by applying the word of God, connect them with other Christians, discover their ministry and honor God with their lives always looking to His Coming Kingdom.

If you would like to be involved in any of the following ministries and groups, contact us!


  • Worship Planning Committee 
    • Our worship committee meets once a week to design an order of service for our Sunday Worship Service.
  • Drama Team
    • Our drama team creates and presents drama for our Worship Services and special events.


  • Sunday School & Christian Education Department
    • Our Sunday School Department hosts several events throughout the year, including First Sunday, Promotion Sunday, Praise in the Park, the Fall Festival, and more. If you would like to be a Sunday School teacher or if you would like to participate or volunteer in any of these events, let us know!
  • Small Groups
    • Our small groups meet throughout the Upstate area. These groups are designed to foster deep friendships and deepen your relationship with God and Christ.


  • Women’s Ministry
    • Aside from our Carolina Conference Women’s Retreat in March, our women’s group, Sister’s Act, meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month for a special themed event of fellowship, food, and fun.
  • Men’s Groups
    • Our men’s group has a retreat every year in January. Apart from this, men of all ages join once a month for a hearty breakfast, followed by a work project on the church grounds or a community service project. 
  • Sports Teams
    • Every spring, our men get together to play baseball in the Church league in the area. If you would like to participate, contact us.


  • Outreach Committee
    • Our outreach committee is dedicated to spreading the Gospel.  
  • Mission Committee
    • Our mission committee raises funds to send missionaries internationally, partnering with our General Conference’s mission group, Lord’s Harvest International. We also raise money to provide Bibles and other necessities to members of our church’s abroad.


  • Deacons’ Ministry
    • Our deacons help to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our congregation. Every other month, our deacons have a visitation night during which they visit members of our congregation. The deacons also raise money to help meet the needs of our congregation throughout the year.
  • Trustees’ Ministry
    • Our trustees oversee the church grounds. If you would like to help out inside and around the church grounds, contact us.
  • Bereavement Team
    • Our bereavement team provides meals for the bereaved families at funerals.
  • Prayer Chain and Lists
    • If you would like to keep informed congregational needs of prayer, contact us and we will place you on our Prayer Chain, which can be received by phone or text. If you would like to keep track of prayer requests and make a prayer warrior sheet, please let us know!


  • Communications Team
    • The five purposes of the church could not be met without effective communication within the church. The communications team helps to communicate within the church congregation, to new members of the church, and to the larger community. If you would like to be involved in the creation of bulletins, flyers, the website, blog posts, etc., please contact us.