Guthrie Grove
Church Of God of the Abrahamic Faith

Our Sunday Morning Worship service is from 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM. Nursery Services are available for children under four. Children aged four to eight are welcome to attend Junior Church for a service with dancing, crafts, and a kid-friendly message.

This is an example of what you can expect to experience at a typical Sunday Morning Worship service at Guthrie Grove also, check the Sunday Bulletin on the website for more information:

  • As you enter the sanctuary, you will be greeted by one of our Deacons, given a bulletin which contains an ‘order of events’ listing and given a welcome package if you are a first time guest.
  • We typically have piano and organ music provided by our musicians playing while everyone is finding their seats and you can expect a handshake and a couple of greetings by our members as they make their way through the crowd.
  • The worship service is kicked off by a welcome message followed by announcements and celebrations of the congregation.
  • We’ll then sing an opening song. We usually stand while we sing so don’t be startled as everyone stands. If you don’t feel comfortable singing then just stand (or sit if you like) and enjoy the music but don’t feel embarrassed, many of our long-time members don’t feel comfortable singing (and don’t sing) in public either.
  • Following the opening song, one of our members will give the opening prayer and then we’ll sit back down.
  • Next, we’ll ‘pass the plate’ and receive Tithes and Offerings. If you are a guest, don’t feel obligated to give; this is an opportunity of our members to give to the church.
  • While the plate is being passed, we’ll usually have the pianist and organist play a song or two and sometimes some of our youth will join in (or play by themselves) on a violin or guitar.
  • We’ll usually have a couple of ‘musical specials’. This is a song sung by one person or a small group. Sometimes we will have a dramatization or short play by one of the children’s groups.
  • Next, we sing another song and sometimes a popular chorus or two. If we sing a chorus, it will be either printed in the bulletin or on our big-screen and sometimes both. These are a bit more upbeat and jazzy; like a Christian pop song that you might hear on the radio. Again, we usually stand when we sing but this time we sit back down after the song is over.
  • The morning message will be next which is usually given by Pastor Mike. If you don’t have a bible and you want to follow along, bibles are provided in pockets on the pew back in front of you. You are not required to look up that passages that the Pastor is referring to but many people find it useful. (These bibles do not have the tabs that help you find the different books of the bible so I recommend bringing your own if you’re not familiar with them)
  • After the Pastor’s morning message, we’ll sing one more song (standing again) followed by a closing prayer.
  • We exit out by way of the foyer that you will have entered through, where many of our members will congregate and talk (as well as in the parking lot). The Pastors are also in the foyer waiting to speak with everyone as we leave.